Secure yourself with Random Password Generator

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These steps will prevent your generated passwords from being stolen, hacked or brute force.


  • Use a different password for every account
  • Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication
  • Change passwords every 6-12 months.
  • Generate a long password. Usually a length of 12 to 14 characters is good choice, but longer password will be even better.
  • Do not store and save passwords in:

  • File on your computer
  • Mail
  • Smartphone
  • Browsers
  • Social Networks
  • Places that anyone can access
  • Cloud password storage
  • Do not use:

  • Numeric substitutions instead of letters, for example - "h0use"
  • Names of relatives, friends and animals
  • Your or family birthdays
  • A single commonplace dictionary word
  • Ascending or descending numbers (for example 12345 or 13689)